Stop That Or (Show Notes – #1)

In the first episode of the Stop That Or You’ll Go Blind Podcast, Evan and Tony catch up on life, with the news of the day centered around the Trump inauguration. Tony tries to share the explanation behind the P***y Hat, which his wife was making several of that evening for the Women’s March on Washington. They share their own thoughts on the state of affairs for the media, having both been former journalists, and talked about how the world needs new protest songs.

Evan and Tony shared their own top protest songs.


  1. Won’t Get Fooled Again, The Who
  2. Land of Confusion, Genesis
  3. Give Me Some Truth, John Lennon
  4. Hey You, Pink Floyd (Fits the mood of the day)


  1. Accident Waiting to Happen, Billy Bragg
  2. Give Me Shelter, The Rolling Stones
  3. Dialogue (Part 1), Chicago
  4. Taking It To The streets, The Doobie brothers

Buffalo Springfield and Dylan get props.

Tony also shared his love of HBO’s daily news program, Vice. Then they closed with some parenting tips — NOTE: We- are in no way parenting experts.

Thanks for listening!

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