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Stop That Or #10 – The Diamond

Join Evan and Tony for another episode of the Stop That Or… Podcast. This week, Evan and Tony talk about faith coming out of the Easter and Passover season in the age of Corona, desert island distractions, and fun facts for the week. They also wax on their love for college radio and the wonder of the Jazz Singer.

Episode #8 – Great Gig in the Sky

Look who’s back! Ok STO fans, it’s been a while — Tony and Evan have been hard at work saving the galaxy. Ok, maybe not the galaxy, but at least our own sanity from child raising. This episode takes on the challenges of explaining death to your kids. They also give a breakdown on the magic of StarLord and the Guardians.

Evan’s episodic Top 10 focuses on the top keyboards players in history, which transitions into who actually comes up with these top lists (Really Top 10 website – Axel Rose is ranked above Ben Folds for the top keyboardists? WTF!). Feel free to add your favorite keyboardists in the comments.

Episode #7: Evan & Tony Are in a Podcast

Welcome Stop That fans to another thrilling episode of the Stop That Or YOu’ll Go Blind Podcast. Lucky #7 starts off after Tony shuts it down by shutting his laptop and having to restart the podcast (Take II). They go through the top ten IMD movies of all time, then talk about toddler books, screen time for kids, and the power of YouTube for DIY parents on the cheap. Check out more at and on Twitter @StopThatOr. Thanks for listening, and feel free to leave a review, so long as you go gentle into the night.

Episode 6: Keep Your Pants On

Howdy StopThat! fans. Welcome to another episode. This week, Tony and Evan give in to the temptations of McDonalds, Tony has a commute from Hell, and Evan takes to the cyberwaves with the top bass players and albums of all time. Parenting advice for this week centers around sticking to your guns, not forgetting kindness, and reminding your kid to leave his pants on at the pool.